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 Elite guild's rules

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MessageSujet: Elite guild's rules   Sam Sep 01, 2012 2:34 am

I) Introduction

Preface ::

_ When a person asks for something in party or guild channel to respond even to say "I do not" or "I do not know" or "ok", leaving no one answer or away.
_ When you make a conversation at 2 pm prefer, it avoids flooding the guild channel, and so see people writing in between.
_ It is not the gm manage everything, you want a warp? make you a sidekick. This is not the gm organize everything.
_ A party as it is in progress? offer everyone.

1.1] Be aware of the Rules of Ragnarok Online and respect.
1.2] From the very moment you are or guilder "Elite", Sence you have read and agreed to the guild charter.
1.3] Any changes can be made on the policy at any time. You must consult regularly to take note of these potential changes.
1.4] Any player Disagree with this charter is asked to contact the staff Elite or leave the guild.

II) Overall

2.1] texting is tolerated in small doses, abbreviations known to all.
2.2] flood, insults or racist messages, sexual, whistleblower, offensive, insulting or illegal EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED are.
2.3] Using cheats or bugs is PROHIBITED. The use of such a thing on your part will result in a guild kick immediately without notice.
2.4] The co-GM and GM are treated with respect, as each member of the guild, each player IG or each member of the forum. Politeness and courtesy are essential. Problems between members must be addressed in a mature adult.
2.5] TeamSpeak is mandatory for guild: dungeons, WoE, MvP, or even for the life of the guild every day. From the moment you are connected IG, you must be present on the TeamSpeak server of the guild.
2.6] The forum is an internal tool for the guild. The visit is a DUTY AND OBLIGATION, at least once per day.
2.7] The guild members are courteous and should not tarnish the image of the guild in the eyes of other players, any failure will be sanctioné.

III) Applications & Nominations

3.1] The recruitments are on the forum, there is no possibilitée to be recruited directly in game except as a guest WOE.
3.2] Applications are processed on a deliberation of the guild (as responsible members) and the final decision rests with the guild leaders. In case of refusal, it is useless to cry or come immediately repost a new application, it will be automatically rejected without debate. We simply do not justify us in the refusal of your application, we recruit according to our needs. I invite you to adjust or problem (s) for which / whom you have been refused, then return to apply. A minimum period of one month between two applications is strongly advised.
3.3] Once your application is accepted by the guild, guild you are in, and brought the Elite rank test. At this place, you can not claim to be fully part of the guild, and therefore have the same rights as members. At the end of your test (average duration of a week or two), you will be graded to the rank of a member or kicked from the guild. After all this you have to test criteria as diverse and varied (dungeon, WoE, MvP or other).
3.4] The promotion of members (rank and responsibilities) are the decision of GM and co-GM after a long investment thinking and punctuality in the guild.

IV) Regulation in game

4.1] It is strictly FORBIDDEN to sell to guild members at the same price as we walk one Ummah, (we need to help each other for anything: stuff, items, hand, etc ... ), a rate of guild is advisable.

4.2] Cash guild is not a mill or a bottomless pit filled Zeny for items that obtained in the TB (not godly components) are sold on the walk at the highest price or sold guilds active members and present in woe with a margin graaande discount is given if the same member deserves.

V) outputs and Regulations MvP

5.1] People keep coming in or MvP for the sole purpose to loot something are not welcome and may be punished under protest.
5.2] A person will kick group without warning or second chance if:
- He / she AFK during the dungeon without warning before.
- He / she makes a lousy voluntary aggro (example: I am in front of the tank, I can not hide serious).
- He / she killed the group.
- He / she does not follow the instructions of the group leader.
5.3] The important loots are assigned by the group leader at the end of the dungeon, depending on individual needs, as well as investment in the guild (except in cases of priority, in this case, no negotiation is possible) . This applies to items called "common."
5.4] _ Do not run around in party / exit to avoid dying alone like an idiot, or ask regen total heal, stay close to the group.
_ If someone asks a question in guild channel: answer him anyway, even if it was not the news, items ... he wants: to say sorry I do not know or I do not.


- The War of Emperium is the main activity of the guild Joining the guild you AGREE TO BE PRESENT DURING WOE. ie Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Sunday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m..

- If you are unable to prevent, then you must make a post on the forum to inform about your absence! irl to live a life we ​​do not forget this, however, if the slightest ounce of laziness or falsehood is felt or if the absences are repetitions of sanctions will be taken.

- Everyone is assigned a tax of 50% during WOE, because logically if you are connected you are with us on the battlefield and not elsewhere (except in special cases to do with LEAD).

- Everyone must be on teamspeak and have its consomations ready on time!

We think we have been very clear on this regulation.

Good game at all,
The Elite staff. king
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Elite guild's rules
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